Arena Mirrors. . . .
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Show•Me Arena Mirrors are a must for serious training of horse and rider. Made especially for horse sports they are shatter proof, impact resistant, optical quality and safer than glass.

  •  Safe
  •  Shatterproof
  •  Optical quality acrylic
  •  Much less expensive than glass mirror
  •  Two & half times lighter than glass mirror
  •  Do it yourself installation
  •  Easy to hang
  •  Easy to use
  •  An important tool for serious training
  •   4x8, 5x8 and 5x10 (nominal size) foot panels available

Our customers write . . . .

Thank you for your speedy reply. I am happy with the mirrors. They are outside in North Dakota . . . need I say more?"

Mary Ann D.


Part Number Description Size Cost
820A   • 2 sheet minimum quanity required Arena Mirror 4 x 8 foot 568.00 each          Discounts available based on quantity. Call for more information.
820B   • 21 sheet minimum order quanity required Arena Mirror 5 x 8 foot 635.00 each
820E   • 17 sheet minimum order quanity required Arena Mirror 5 x 10 foot 794.00 each
Prices listed are for each panel and include mounting screws.

Stall Buddy Mirror. . . .
Got a bored, lonesome horse? Get it a friend. No, not another horse but a shatterproof Stall Buddy Mirror. The Stall Buddy Mirror has also been reported to help with weaving. Studies at University of Lincolnshire & Humberside in England have found the use of shatterproof mirrors to be effective with all the horses involved in their research of weaving.

(McAfee L M, Mills D S, Cooper J J, 2002. The use of mirrors for the control of stereotypic weaving behavior in the stabled horse. Applied Animal Behavior Science (currently in press)

Tell us if you plan on attaching it to walls or grill bars, we supply the fastners


Our customers write . . . .

"Your extra help regarding installation of the Stall Buddy Mirrors is a special bonus, and very much appreciated."
  Pamela F.

"I am so handsome"

          Kristin H.'s - Lala











Part Number Description Size  
815 Stall Buddy Mirror, ready to hang 2 x 4 foot 130.00 each
825 Stall Buddy Mirror, ready to hang  ~  Supplied with screws or ty-wraps 2 x 2 foot

  67.00 each

Dressing  Mirrors

Show•Me Dressing Mirrors are available in two sizes with different mounting options that make it easy to look great anywhere, anytime. Easy to hang, you'll always look your best at shows, easy to use inside or outside of a trailer, van or in a tack stall.

Personal Size
The personal size Show•Me Dressing Mirror is available with magnetic mount for steel trailers or vans, permanent mount screws for fiberglass or aluminium trailers and Tack Stall Hooks for go any where hanging, toss one in your tack box and go. (9" x 12")

Dressing Room Size
Also available is our full length Dressing Room Mirror for trailer dressing rooms. Attaches easily to the door or wall of your trailer dressing room. 24 x 48 inches (optional sizes are avaiolable)

Our customers write . . . .

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the mirror (#810) and it is wonderful to not worry about my 3

year old granddaughter, Rachel not getting hurt. She just loves talking to it. Thanks again for a wonderful product."

Ann F.

"I received the mirror over the weekend and it's awesome!  Perfect size and great clarity with lots of mounting options.  My trailer isn't magnetic so I'm going to use the holes to mount it with suction cups.  Thanks a lot and thanks especially for the fast shipping!"  

Best regards, Hanna

Part Number Description Size  
810 Personal size Show-Me dressing mirror 9" x 12" 15.50 each
815 Dressing Room Mirror 24" x 48" 130.00 each


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